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Who Do You Love? Christians and Secular Music

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  • Janelle
    October 17, 2015

    I really appreciate this video! I definitely agree that christians need to be more aware of what they are feeding their spirit, but at the same time…I personally hate referring to music as “christian” or “secular.” To me, music is either uplifting, purposeful for a certain situation, reflective, empowering…or not. One should simply be able to be an artist and sing about christian principles and all things “true and lovely and of good report” without the label christian thrown behind their name or genre/style of music. From my own personally experience, God has used musicians who weren’t and aren’t classified as christian to reflect on what he has blessed me with and my relationship with him (i.e. coldplay, india.arie)…and even some songs by beyonce are quite empowering and have helped me move beyond a breakup. So can one clearly define a song as secular or christian? It’s not always black and white like that…but I whole heartedly agree, as christians, we must be aware of what we are feeding into our minds and spirits.

    • Brittaneé
      October 17, 2015

      Thank you for your response- you make some awesome points! Be blessed 🙂

  • Angela
    March 8, 2015

    Your video of music was on time Im very serious about my relationship with Jesus and before I got saved I use to be a heavy music listener my preference was r.n.b sensual music I came across your blog cause as I was sitting at home I wanted to listen to a little jahiem but my heart wouldn’t let me without feeling guilty long story short I google a question pertaining to what does the bible say about music and surprisingly here I am .Thank you for your insight on worldly music its good to see God using his children to encourage others …plus your super funny loved the video God Bless.

  • Angela
    March 8, 2015

    I think its a beautiful thing how God is using you. I once was a big Beyonce fan I had all of her concerts listen to her every morning when I woke up and even wanted to look like her but thank God Jesus save me from myself and gave me a new heart and I no longer idolize Beyonce or listen to her music that glorifies sin. I enjoy reading your post keep up the good work .May God richly bless you

  • Beth
    August 26, 2014

    Hi the link downloads a video,,,,

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