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Jesus Be A Microwave: I’m Ready For A Husband

Everybody is looking for a shortcut nowadays. We are currently living in the “microwave generation”, where we have grown so lazy, impatient, and accustomed to convenience that everything has a shortcut. Want to lose and few pounds? No problem. There’s no need to work out when you can just buy a waist trainer and a good pair of Spanx. Want a new dress? Why drive to the mall, when in one simple click, you can have Amazon Prime deliver it to your doorstep within hours. We used to have to mail off our college applications, and anxiously wait at the mail box for weeks to receive an acceptance/rejection letter. Now, the moment that is so special in many of our teenage lives has been reduced to an almost instantaneous email. Simply put, we never really had to wait on anything….. so we don’t know how. Life is all about fast food, quick weaves, rush hour, and instant oatmeal.

And this is where the problem comes in- our obsession with speed and convenience in our everyday life seems to also be making us impatient as we wait for God to send us a mate. We are placing Him under the same restrictions and time expectations that we’d place on a teenager at Dairy Queen making us an Oreo Blizzard.

Let’s be real- surrendering to God and patiently waiting for Him during times of uncertainty isn’t always the easiest thing. Sometimes, it can be plain hard to trust Him with our lives when we cannot see what the future will bring. We’ve all heard the biblical story of Sarah. Though God is capable of working the most amazing miracles, I’m sure most of us are hoping that having a baby at age 99 is not our testimony.

We want control. We want to know when we will receive the desires of our hearts. “When will my husband come? How many sons will I get to drive to football practice? How many daughters will I get to drop off at ballet?” Instead of trusting God’s perfect timing and wisdom we say, “God, what’s taking you so long?” image

Why God Makes Us Wait

Waiting often times reveals our true motives. God already knows our heart- even when we don’t.

Sis, are you going to church faithfully, and reading your word, and paying your tithes, and living for Christ because you believe you will be rewarded with an amazing husband and 3 beautiful children? Or do you worship Him because you have already been rewarded with eternal life? Is your love for God based on Who He is, or what He can give you?

This is where the church is messing many single women up. We are told things like “Sis Susie, God sees your faithfulness and he is going to bless you with a good man!” Really? ‘Cause I never read a scripture in the bible that said I was entitled to a fine husband and kids because of my faithfulness. But, instead of lining up what we’ve been told with scripture, we give more money, more time, and praise even louder because we believe doing so will earn us God’s blessings (in the form of a good husband).

And this is how our worship is unintentionally turned into manipulation.

I had been trying use “holiness” and “living right” as a justification for rushing God. I felt being Saved gave me entitlement to the things I wanted. But His promises CANNOT be earned through manipulation. They must be earned through patience, trusting Him, and obedience. There is nothing you can do to rush God’s plan for your life. If you are going to do it His way, you must let go of your mental timeline and take Him out of the microwave.

Who God is to me, is much more important than how fast He can bring somebody into my life. And though I desire to be a wife and mother, I will no longer let that desire become my motive for being a faithful servant. If I never get married, and if I never have a child, I will be just fine. I am  already blessed. We must get to the point where we are making the decision to walk the straight and narrow path because of Who He is and not because of what He can do for us.

One thing I can assure you…. Waiting on God is not always easy, but it is always worth it!

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, remember that you can’t fry fish, bake macaroni and cheese, or make grandma’s sweet potato pie in the microwave. The best foods take TIME and PREPARATION. Just like God’s perfect plan- you simply cannot microwave the good stuff He has in store for you, and trying to microwave it will probably mess it up. I encourage you to examine your motives for choosing Christ daily, and trust that His intentions for your life are so awesome that a microwave just won’t cut it!

Psalm 130:5 “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope;”

One time for the nation,



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  • Shawn
    September 9, 2016

    The title alone made me laugh!! I love it and the music! Blessings!

  • lacey lace
    January 9, 2015

    Great blog and well thought out…..one thing though, the music is annoying. Same song verses over and over..

  • Ife
    December 10, 2014

    Amazing…simply amazing! Truer words were never said.

  • Jennifer
    December 1, 2014

    Love this and love you! Thank you for being so faithful!

  • Traci Chisholm
    November 27, 2014

    This really blessed me today! AWESOME

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